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View Diary: The gift of a baby daughter: An Update (75 comments)

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  •  Congratulations.. I know this story well. (5+ / 0-)

    It takes a special kind of committment to adopt and worth every second, minute, hour, day, penny, month, year and tears of going through the process.

    It is not much easier for grandparents to adopt grandchildren.  There is still homestudy...visits...GAL...courts...and when it is all done..You say with pride... They are ours... There is a difference I have found in adopting babies , even with custody until finalization , than children who knew one or more parents before taken.  Very difficult because they rarely accept the adoption of grandparents as parents.  Not so with out younger two... Especially the baby that the adoption was finalized 4 years after custody was awarded...Ongoing court battles.  She knows no other Mama and Daddy but me and Jack.  

    I know what you are feeling and it is good, warm and you feel you can  have some relief as your heart exhales from exhaustion and anticipation.  

    You brought up this memory......
    thanks for that

    I hope you got lots of pics.. We got em from 3 months on

    and now

    the only adoptive child not grown... The other three out of school, married and just graduated.. The little one is now 8.. The one holding the rose just graduated....

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