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View Diary: International leaders demand answers about NSA spying (287 comments)

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    its simply an article reporting from/about the US. Neither editirial, nor any Brazil official reaction in it. (Dont read P either, but can scan).

    Regarding Germany however, Obama is expected in Germany next week IIRC and Merkel has (had to) say that she´ll make this an issue on that meeting. (Americans know this as "sternly worded letters" I believe).

    German BND has closely cooperated with NSA, and has had yearly visits to some NSA to work better together. Expect hands in glove under the table (where the BND is role of the glove, NSA the Hand). However, political parties are genuinely outraged, and have the power to created trouble for the BND (and thereby indirectly, the Americans).  

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