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  •  Based on our interaction over the years (0+ / 0-)

    Tukana, I thought that we pretty much had some foundational common cause.

    In the time since the Snowden revelations were made public, you have repeatedly asserted that the privacy is dead; and in our most recent exchange also asserted that noting about the Constitution that many of us would go to in viewing this spying is valid because it was written by slave holding land owning oligarchs.

    Why are you even writing about this issue when so much of what you've had to say on the topic is effectively "so what" - "tant pis" - and  that nothing that is established in the Constitution could be considered valid because of the slavery and land ownership requirements that existed and codified at the time the Constitution was written?

    I ask largely because I have to wonder whether given your particular view of the United States and its foundational law, what's the fucking point?  What's the complaint?  

    Seems like this evolution of power would work for you.

    Maybe I am wrong and I am open to that, but my impression is that you are not willing to genuinely challenge the current government policies on this front - for your own reasons having to do with slavery in the 18th and 19th Centuries - which is your prerogative - but why aren't you writing about that belief rather than engaging is rather deceptive thought experiments in doing something about something that is obviously UNSTOPPABLE - as you have pointed out numerous times in the past few days - like this diary?

    I never thought that I would ask you of all people questions like this until you said that the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and that Plato were all full of shit according to you.  Until there were no political philosophers associated with the intellectual evolution towards "Enlightenment" and  democratic nations that you seemed to accept as important participants in advancing democracy.

    I have no idea what it is that you base your ideas.

    Spying on domestic citizens is a snooze according to you.
    Privacy is dead according to you.
    The Constitution is invalid because the people who wrote it were slaveholder and land owners according to you.

    Not sure what your purpose is here.


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