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View Diary: Abortion Rights Under Assault in Wisconsin (Mandatory Ultrasounds + Admitting Priviledges) (37 comments)

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  •  But they are not even pro-life in the fetus stage (10+ / 0-)

    stage either.  If they were, they would mandate free pre-natal health care, labor and delivery care and then well baby care.  Mr PK and I were talking about this last night and we said we could give some respect to this so-called pro-life philosophy if they would be consistent with their beliefs:  making sure all pregnant women had access to prenatal care, free L&D hospitalization; thee years maternity leave and a child stipend until the child is 18y/o and then college if s/he chooses that route.

    Now that would be a "pro-life" stand that I could at least believe has some logic and consistency to it.

    These laws do not respect women or babies; it is all about power to the man (literally and figuratively).

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