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View Diary: Senate votes to move forward with immigration debate (47 comments)

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    1) Legalizing 11 million people won't make racism go away. And since the bill does little to slow future immigration, brown people will still be suspected of being illegals.

    2) Understandable. We tend to sympathize with people who have had similar experiences.

    3) and 4) He is not a 1%-ter. He works for a living. His assets are his house and his car. He does not have $500,000 invested in the S&P 500.

    5) If the bill fails, we are not deporting 11 million people (physically impossible). We just begin negotiating again.

    6) The kids, aka "DREAMers" are the most sympathetic players in the negotiation. Surely something can be done for the kids without screwing over American workers?

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