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View Diary: 2014 - Where are we at with Democratic Challengers to GOP in the House? (3 comments)

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  •  This is a great list. I've been looking for (0+ / 0-)

    this type of information.  I live in Indiana where Dems are pretty demoralized.  I think we had 4 democrats in the local election and not for any of the higher offices like mayor.

    The thing is that we need to get Dems to run to build up voter registration and enthusiasm even if we are in a deep red district.  Build up name recognition, get the issues out there, and register voters.  

    Thanks for this information and all this work.

    “I have this dark side. It wants out. It wants to buy new shoes.” Will Farrell, The Other Guy

    by ParkRanger on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 05:38:42 PM PDT

    •  Here's someone to contact on red district WOM (0+ / 0-)

      WOM = Word of mouth

      Contact mdmslle on Daily Kos.  She's been running a Bold Blue Media outreach group and is building quite a network and effort although it does take time to build the word of mouth on that front.  mdmslle and I have been communicating with each other on ways to work with each other.  The Knowledge Democrats group I run with my partner, Augustin, focuses on mainly information but we see Bold Blue as a channel we can work with as well.

      Feel free to contact us if you'd like to lend any insight on what's going on in Indiana.

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