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  •  Oh, a redbone! (6+ / 0-)

    I have a beautiful little redbone beagle mix right now. She's just a beautiful girl---and she dances!

    She chases the squirrels, and she possibly helped the big lug (my lab) kill squirrels, but she hasn't killed a single one on her own.

    I love the hounds, and I especially love those coon hounds. Just the sweetest kindest most lovely sniffing critters out there.

    •  I had no experience with hounds at all, (3+ / 0-)
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      indubitably, Mayfly, martyc35

      my son came home with this one as a pup.  You are right, she has the sweetest disposition and loves everybody.  Mine hasn't killed anything that I know of, but she sure puts the fear in them.  

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