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View Diary: Press, polls wrongly conflate Bush and Obama NSA surveillance (189 comments)

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  •  Good points. How anyone can forget the attempt (7+ / 0-)

    to make AG Ashcroft sign off on illegal wiretaps while in a hospital is really dropping the ball.

    The current White House is following the law as written.  If its unConstitutional, it should go to the Supremes.  If the law needs to be rewritten or reversed, it's up to Congress.  This is not an Obama Adminstration call, unless y'all think it should be an executive order.  Of course, then, if there is any kind of successful attack on this country or any of our embassies, it will be because Obama pulled the plug on the NSA.  So, he gets blamed either way.

    What else is new?

    Best. President. Ever.

    by Little Lulu on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 04:34:26 PM PDT

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