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    JamieG from Md

    Born and bred a Catholic, I became pro-choice once I had daughters. I remember the exact moment, although not the exact news story. It was something about an 11 year old girl being raped and who turned out to be pregnant. That was the moment I realized I wanted abortion to be legal and safe. I also remember realizing that I didn't care if I went to hell, so long as my daughters were safe.

    There are so many ways to decrease abortion without infringing on a woman's right to her own body, her own healthcare choices, her privacy. It is an utter and complete failure of imagination... If men were truly serious, they'd be handing out free condoms and vasectomies on street corners. Or you'd see legislation about putting men in jail who impregnate women who are not their wives. Instead, they believe subjecting all women to hazardous and deadly healthcare risks is a more rational approach than trying to change their own gender's behavior. Typical blame approach for abusers, which is exactly what they are.

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