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  •  I watched the livestreams of the police riots (2 (4+ / 0-)

    I specifically recall) during Occupy Oakland. We had our share of police thuggery down here at Occupy Los Angeles, but nothing on the scale of OOakland.

    I wrote off Jerry Brown totally, based on his complete utter silence about what the cops did in Oakland. I'll never vote for him ever again. And I willl work to see that he is defeated should he try to run for any higher office. And when Obama maintained his famed aloof professorial persona as his constituents were being violated adn brutalized in Oct and Nov of 2011, I wrote him off for 2012 too.

    There's a great documentary about the anti-war movement  at the U of Wisconsin in Madison, WI called 'The War at Home" that gives a great sense of what the situation was like for college protesters back then. Well worth watching if you can find it. (I don't have NetFlix or Cable or any of the newer filmic technologies, so not sure whether it's readily available.)

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