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View Diary: Particularly Dangerous Situation NWS Weather Alert for Virginia N Carolina & Atlanta GA (58 comments)

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  •  You know, I don't mind being alerted to (2+ / 0-)
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    Onomastic, myboo

    The POSSIBILITY of bad thunderstorms.

    But this does get a little ridiculous at times. The guys on tv go nuts.

    It's RAINING! It's raining REALLY HARD! There's lightning and thunder and everything! Somebody even saw some HAIL! OMG the clouds are so dark! A tree limb took out a power line somewhere! And if its not raining now, it MIGHT rain really hard later on, so watch out!

    You guys at least give some context, and updates, and probabilities. But the guys on tv act like the world is going to end.

    People forget - these storms tend to be pretty localized. And they also tend to be short lived. This isn't a snow storm, or a hurricane. It's not going to hang around for days, freeze your pipes, or drop 20 in of rain.

    You probably don't want to be out in it, and of course you should be prepared for the power to go out FOR A SHORT WHILE. Remember, this isn't a snow storm or a hurricane.

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