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View Diary: Update: U.S. to provide increased support to Syrian opposition forces (80 comments)

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    I've heard it said that true vindication in politics is when one's successors in office, from the political opposition, retain & thus concede the essential wisdom of the previous regime's policies, especially the most controversial ones. So it has been with spying & secrecy, Guantanamo, energy policy, immigration & deportations, cuts to social security, & now war in the Middle East. George W. Bush & Dick Cheney are surely smiling today!

    This just makes me sick to my stomach. Hope . . . change . . . my ass! I said it first 10 years ago, as W. invaded Iraq, & I mean it again today as Obama jumps into the war in Syria: "I hope it turns into a disaster for him, & I have no doubt that it will."

    Bush's presidency went down in flames in the sands of the Middle East, & now Obama's will too.

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