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View Diary: Rick Santorum goes all radical socialist on Mitt Romney's campaign (88 comments)

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  •  Actually, I don't really think this is one (17+ / 0-)

    of the "stopped clock" variety.  I noticed on the campaign trial that Santorum had the consistent ability to say things that  made "some" sense within the context of attacking his rivals especially Romney.  Of course, in general, he's just batsh*t crazy. However, he does have a populist streak that sometimes rings true. It's just that it's wrapped in the crazeeee.

    •  Eva Parone had a "populist streak" (9+ / 0-)

      so did her full-bore Fascist husband,  Juan.

      Because that's how fascism works ... the NDSP variety included:   there's a large "populist" wing that votes, labors and serves in the military.  They idolize "popular leaders" (like Santorum) who pander to their prejudices and promise them "glory" and Better Days -- as soon as all the Evil Doers are Brought to Justice, maybe.

      Then there's an elite political wing that does the bidding of the Business and Finance communities that supported/selected the Popular Leaders in the first place and chose the political wing to keep the popular front in line.

      Effectively,  Business and Finance control the Government that tells the workers and farmers how good they have it.

      Those who disagree -- disappear.

      And, oh yes ... they sometimes have elections.

      I'm sure OUR corporatist state will have always have regular elections --  just as Germany's always had brass bands.

    •  total unforced error on his part (0+ / 0-)

      like he couldn't help himself.  Rick Santorum had no reason whatsoever to try to burnish his conservative bona fides on the religious issues.  What he needed to do was to show he could stand toe to toe with Romney on economic policy, and to a lesser extent, foreign policy, and show that he, a two-term senator who had been in leadership, was more like Romney and Huntsman and capable of governing versus clowns like Cain, Bachmann, Paul, and Gingrich.  And he found the way in - while his policy prescriptions were dead backwards, he spoke about manufacturing policy as something that is in fact important.  But like the scorpion and the frog, he couldn't help saying idiotic things about gays, abortion, going to college, women having jobs, and the whole litany, and combined with his fundraising difficulties and severe unpopularity in his home state, he never made the race into a 1:1 against Mitt.  Santorum did soften Romney up in Iowa, though.

      If I were going to pitch a book about the GOP race, I'd structure it as a contrast between Santorum and Romney, with the others as cameos exclusively for comedic purposes.  

      Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult.

      by Loge on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 09:40:17 AM PDT

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