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  •  Sorry, hair's not on fire. (7+ / 0-)

    Nor am I hysterical, or any of the other accusations tossed at those who feel the government has lost sight of the meaning of the 4th amendment.

    Nor have I ever suggested in the least that this is 'Obama's scandal', nor have most of the other people who think the 4th has been subverted.  It's most of DC's scandal.

    Hell, even if we did think it was 'Obama's scandal', that would be meaningless - he's never up for re-election.

    "...but it surfaces now. Why?"  

    It surfaced now because, apparently, Snowden finally provided the proof that allows for various groups to finally file lawsuits that were denied on 'standing' over the past decade, because it was kept secret 'enough'.

    I think suggesting that Snowden chose his timing to 'hurt Obama' or 'depress Democratic voter turnout' is actually kinda CTish. (Although, given how so many things that were considered CT are actually being shown to be true nowadays, that doesn't mean what it once did...)

    •  It's way too early to asses Snowden's motivations (0+ / 0-)

      and I agree that it is "kinda CTish" to suggest that it's all for some nefarious political purpose.  There is so much idle speculation circulating that it is making my head spin.  Just this morning I stumbled on Rep. Peter King telling the world on  that Snowden seems like a spy for China.  

      To paraphrase another writer, "enough already!"  

      It's the Supreme Court, stupid!

      by Radiowalla on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 01:27:12 PM PDT

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