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  •  Is it chronological? (8+ / 0-)

    I assume the way the digest runs is just in order of when you guys find out about things - so IA can come before OH one day, and after another.  But I'd love to be corrected and told that you actually have some secret, baseball scorecard-like schema which determines which items go where in the list.

    #2 - Do you have a sense how many local (state or lower) publications the DKE team subscribes to and reviews regularly? I mean, I imagine some things come by submissions, but some things are part of a regular Twitter feed or otherwise. It's incredible coverage, and I have no clue how many sources are routinely reviewed as part of it!

    •  The Live Digest (4+ / 0-)

      Is kinda chronological, though I usually sit here with a pile of links and decide which I want to hit first, based on how interesting they are to me. So some news item from early in the morning may drift until late afternoon if it's not especially compelling. The Morning Digest is sorted into category (senate, governor, and so on), and then alphabetically by state. So Alabama and Alaska tend to win the day.

      There's also the "Leading Off" item in the Morning Digest, which is chef's choice.

      #2 is a great question. I really don't know! There are a handful of publications we rely on frequently, then a much broader universe (you might call it the "long tail") of other sources we rely on. We're pretty agnostic, though, and if we're hunting a story down, we are apt to grab whatever Google News link looks most helpful.

      Mostly, though, we follow a carefully cultivated feed on Twitter. But even there, you have people linking both to their own publications' work and that of others'. So you never know what you're gonna get until you click!

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      by David Nir on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 12:42:23 PM PDT

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