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  •  Hoo boy (6+ / 0-)

    A rough question, I'm afraid. It seems like just about every high-profile Democrat doesn't want to talk on Walker, in the wake of the recall. I'm not buying the notion that people want to wait until later lest Walker "blast" them—that sounds like spin from a party chair who is in a tough spot without a lot of good cards to play.

    I wish I could offer hope, I really do. But I think one additional "problem" for Wisconsin is that Democrats have so many other juicy targets (PA, MI, FL, and more) that it's hard to see WI getting a lot of love next year.

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    by David Nir on Fri Jun 14, 2013 at 01:37:01 PM PDT

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    •  What do you think are the odds that (1+ / 0-)
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      the recall may have distorted Walker's electoral strength?  It seems to me there were a lot of people who voted for Walker in the recall simply because they were convinced that the recall itself was a bad decision.

      •  I definitely agree (0+ / 0-)

        With your last sentence. Indeed, PPP's polling consistently showed that something like 10% of the electorate was simply uncomfortable with the idea of a recall, even if they personally didn't like Walker. And I think one of the biggest mistakes recall proponents made was their failure to engage in any messaging that explained why they thought a recall was necessary. The whole thing got treated as just another election, which was a bad idea.

        But good luck convincing any top-tier Democratic politician in WI that Walker's strength is overblown due to the recall results. Part of the problem is that even if that's true on a sheer percentage points basis, Walker is a national hero to the right (and the Koch Bros., etc.) and will be able to raise insane sums no matter what.

        And you wouldn't have to just convince a candidate. You'd also have to convince Democratic donors that "this time is different." Very hard to do.

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        by David Nir on Sat Jun 15, 2013 at 08:42:53 AM PDT

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