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    David Nir, skibum59, CF of Aus

    Sorry, I never know quite how detailed to get in these explanations of the internals of dk.  I'll do my best to refrain from technical jargon, though, to be sure, we're deep in the nuts and bolts here, so forgive me if I resort to it some.

    To clear up your first question- the count of new comments you highlighted in your screen shot comes from the same data-store as the [new] decoration, so we are indeed talking about the same issue here.

    So, here's the details.  We moved the recording of which comments you had read from the database server to the user's browser.  We use a feature similar to cookies called Local Storage.  It is a bit of text storage in the browser available to just the domain that wrote it.  There is a well founded privacy concern of the browser manufactures over keeping information one website wrote inaccessible to other websites.  To the browser, for the sake of this feature, is different than, and the Local Storage created on one can't be read from the other.

    That said, the exact same content from is available at with the same domain as the original, so the counts will be the same if you move from to a story.  

    As for why waiting for the new story page is relavant to the particular problem you experiencing, my answer is a long winded way of trying to explain the issue not a technical limitation, its a resources limitation.  We are a tech department of five people- with responsibilities that include moderation, quality assurance, database administration, system operations, as well as development, so have to be very wise about where we spend our time.  We have chosen not to do new development on the old system, instead replacing the pages as we go.  The full featured [new] decoration and new comment count will return when the new page rolls out.  

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