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  •  Bush's resurgence and Obama's America (2+ / 0-)
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    Palafox, Calamity Jean

    As several said above, I have to believe that Americans see Bush better today because they voted twice for "change" that has not come.

    Yes, the wars have been drawn down for now.  And that's a positive. But...

    The executive over-reach of the WOT and surveillance state has expanded exponentially.

    The 1% won the recession.  The economy has stabilized, the stock market is back, and local and state budgets have been balanced.  But at whose expense?  The massive 40-year transfer of wealth from workers to the top 1% has only accelerated.  

    The impact is felt deeply by regular people.  

    They look to their President and do not get the sense that he has a plan or an interest in fighting on their behalf.  And they are right.  Instead of pivoting left in his second term, Obama has veered even further to the neo-liberal right - new CEA appointee Walmart-loving Furman will only accentuate the tomfoolery of Summers, Geithner, et al.  

    We blew the chance to act when the GOPs were on the ropes after the darkness of the Bush years.

    We voted for change, and what we're left with is  "Spare change, sir?  Sir?"

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