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View Diary: NSA Domestic Spying Revealed As Deliberate Strategy (99 comments)

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  •  I love how you put this, so true (12+ / 0-)
    government tarted up to look like a democracy.
    The Census Bureau has sent me "The American Community Survey" and has ordered me to fill it out or I will be breaking the law. This is the most intrusive piece of paperwork I've ever seen. I'm not really a lawbreaker, but I might become one over this. They are asking for details of things that I don't even know without digging out lots of paperwork and a calculator. I don't mind answering some of the things they ask, but so much of it is "What the Hell?" This document, this form the size of a magazine that I hold in my hand, is proof that we are not even close to being a free people.

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