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    Worked for a CEO who got a undergrad in computer science and MBA at Stanford and he worked for some large tech companies early in his career.

    When I migrated some of the company's assets to the cloud, he was adamant that he didn't want some of his info going there.  (This was from a guy who often couldn't remember where he had recorded business development data or had significant version control problems. My proposed cloud solution would get rid of that problem. ) I had privacy reasonably controlled with double encryption and some key pass methods.

    I queried why no cloud for him and he said that he wanted to avoid the cloud so that no one could get to his data if there ever was a subpoena for it.  (!)  

    I reminded him that it doesn't matter where the data resides, if you get a subpoena for data, it has to be provided.  

    BTW: You might have the same intuitive hunch that I did: Perhaps he wanted to be able destroy or alter the data if he got a subpoena.  If that was his goal, then he was clueless about forensic data recovery.  But I valued my job at the time and didn't go there.  

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