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View Diary: I'm A Lesbian Democratic Chicken, And I'm Voting For Colonel Sanders (MA-SEN) (25 comments)

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    Dave in Columbus, WarrenS

    I know Medford well. I like it, but there aren't a ton of people who actually would benefit from GOP financial policies. As in 7-figure incomes. Because for everyone else, it's a bad deal. For the reasons that you've raised, and for the more basic reasons that 30 years of Reaganomics and weakening labor unions and labor protections means 90% of the country has lower pay than they'd otherwise have.

    These people want to flip out if the tax rate goes from 33% to 34%, but they don't even notice when the average income of someone like them declines 15% in real terms over 20 years.

    "I am not for a return to that definition of Liberty under which for many years a free people were being gradually regimented into the service of the privileged few." Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1934

    by fenway49 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 12:53:58 PM PDT

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