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    You stated that the 1% isn't seen at the farmer's market. Maybe you don't know that much about the very wealthy??? I had a two year contract job in Santa Barbara California. It is a very wealthy place, that also has a large university. It is a big rich poor split, with very little middle class. 90% of the students in the elementary school near me were latino, many with relatively lower income parents because there is a sizable tourism/restaurant sector.
      They stereotype Santa Barbara as being the playground of the stars from Hollywood, but many of the people in the Montecito neighborhood are wealthier than Hollywood types, and come from business and real estate.

    Anyway, I have to give you my impression that the farmer's market is attended by a good chunk of fairly wealthy people. I mean, where do you think they shop?  Some wealthy people are very liberal rather than populist conservative about social issues like abortion, gay rights, and food politics. Indeed, Santa Barbara was where I developed a sort of apprehension about food politics because many 'liberals' in the perjorative sense like to imagine that they're saving the world with every extra dollar spent at Whole foods, while the uninformed red state types keep going to Wal*mart because they refuse to listen to the more enlightened folks. Or they have food purchases as their primary form of activism to save the world, and don't think they need to do anything else.  It is easy to read Michael Pollan and ignore class realities.

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