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  •  Once I was at the local PetCo (15+ / 0-)

    and saw a dog in a car.  The window was partially open, but it was hot outside that day.  I waited for a couple of minutes, but then I decided I needed to break into the car to rescue the dog.  

    About that time, I saw a man approaching the car from the store.  I went to him and asked if that was his dog.  At first he was "oh yes.  She's my Foofoo" or whatever, and looked pleased with himself that he had such a wonderful dog, and was pleased that someone appreciated such a wonderful dog.

    I then said, "do you see that thermometer at the bank.  It's 90 degrees outside, and 120 degrees in your car.  You are going to bake your dog."  He then got angry with me and started making excuses.  "How dare you judge me?  I was only in there for a few minutes."  I said, "PetCo allows you to bring your dog inside.  Next time, remember that." and left.

    Sigline? What Sigline?

    by Khun David on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 04:26:24 PM PDT

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