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    I have heard, several times, in MSM, Rubio as being a "leader" of immigration reform. IIRC, it was Schumer who called Rubio out a couple of months ago, telling him to get on the bus or they were leaving without him. Am I wrong?

    Rubio has been nothing if not obstructionist, in the whole matter. I'm not Hispanic, but I am offended by the way he speaks about immigration reform--at least in English. The privilege that Rubio and Cruz enjoy by way of being of Cuban decent comes into real focus: they may be Hispanic, but their experience is far removed from the majority of Americans of Hispanic heritage.

    So why is MSM promoting this meme that Rubio is a leader on immigration? I just hate it when reporters parrot back stuff like that. Are the MSM that invested in Rubio becoming a viable candidate for 2016?

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    by never forget 2000 on Mon Jun 17, 2013 at 08:30:49 AM PDT

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      I meant to hit reply but I posted a new answer.  It's a fair question.  Also "leadership" to the GOP establishment seems to mean something different than it means for ordinary Americans.

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