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View Diary: Solving Rape? - A Very Short Statement For Those Who Just Don't Get It! (358 comments)

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    nice men may rape and mean guys may not.  There are some very decent men who would always protect women and would never take advantage of any woman.  If that's your dad, watch out, because you will trust men too easily.  It's not smart for any woman to be alone with a man she dooesn't know very well.  Or any mother to let her child be alone with some man. All those mothers who entrusted their children to priests?  Not smart.  Statistically one out of three women is sexually assulated, at some point in her life.  

    girls are sexually assulated by babysitter's sons and boyfriends, and by uncles and cousins.  Teenage girls are raped by friends.  Guys often think that the woman actually wants sex but is being coy. Very many men who rape don't think of what they did as rape.  In some cultures it's called violent seduction. (weird?)

    The only common thing about rapists is they are usually men.  

    "oh no, not four more years of hope and change?" Karl Christian Rove

    by anna shane on Mon Jun 17, 2013 at 09:05:44 PM PDT

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    •  "Rapists are usually men" (4+ / 0-)
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      Rick Aucoin, Yasuragi, tardis10, BoiseBlue

      does not equal "men are usually rapists."

      If you distrust men to protect yourself, I am not going to argue with you for one second.  If you feel the need to behave as though any given man were a potential rapist, because the consequences of misplaced trust are too terrible, I am not going to tell you you shouldn't.

      But there's a step between that and saying that yes, most or all men really are potential rapists, and I really do feel that's not okay.

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