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View Diary: Solving Rape? - A Very Short Statement For Those Who Just Don't Get It! (358 comments)

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  •  I see that the diary in question (3+ / 0-)
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    a2nite, celdd, twigg

    has been deleted. So, I've missed it completely.

    I'm usually late to a discussion.

    Although I'm curious about the diary I didn't see, I find myself in complete agreement with this one. Bravo, twigg!

    Rape is exactly the same issue as abortion as I see it. Same issue as slavery. Some people seem to think they should have control over other people's bodies and in my opinion this is as great an evil as actually murdering someone.

    The sovereign right to make all decisions regarding our own bodies should be unassailable. That's also why I feel that laws banning euthanasia and suicide are inane. Whose life is it anyway?

    Our society is really messed up. And we can't expect solutions from the Ayn Rand fanboy, "it's all about ME!" twits. They're a symptom of the problem-- if not the actual problem itself.

    Saving the elusive werelynx though swag.

    by Marko the Werelynx on Tue Jun 18, 2013 at 03:35:08 AM PDT

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