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View Diary: Today in E.W. Jackson news: Stop persecuting E.W. Jackson and do what he says (21 comments)

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  •  not hate, fear (0+ / 0-)
    People aren't reacting to his past statements about Planned Parenthood and the Klan and homosexuals because they hate Christians.
    The entitled and powerful like to be hated.  Hate makes them victims, while fear makes then oppressors.

    I don't hate Christians, I fear them.  And it would not be so bad if the Christians to be feared were a sub-sub-sub-sect of Christianity, but they are not, they are mainstream.  When the Christians in Waco murdered all their children, too many blamed the government instead of Christianity.  When religious compounds where children are being systematically molested under the guise of Christianity, too many blame the government instead of religion.  When protestors are outside of planned parenthood complaining that women are recieving effective healthcare, too many say that is their rights as Christians, to determine what health care women do and do not deserve.

    And don't even get me started about the 10 commandments.  I imagine that Christians who believe the words in the bible pass by athiets, and like a serial killer, says I allow you to exist not because you have the right, the first commandment says you don't, but because I am a progressive Christian and give you the right.  I imagine that a women looks at his wife and says i give you more rights than my servent, my ox, my ass not because you have the right but because I am progressive and give you the right.

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