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    I just saw Avengers at a friend's on Sunday night.  I'd been looking forward to it after reading about the shwarma episode.  But really, there just wasn't much there.  Fluff, except it was violent fluff.  Bunches and bunches of loud music and unbelievable CGI action-antics.  Dialog totally forgettable.   Acting mediocre to awful.  The entire thing is nothing but a vehicle for ever-more-fantastic imitations of a video-game, and I quit videogames when they got to be more about the "realistic" graphics than about either story or puzzle, which is to say, twenty years ago.

    And then, finally, the celebrated shwarma scene.  SOOOO?  Only member of the team looking like anything but another scruffy graduate student was Thor, since he lacked a change of clothes.  The anticipated amusement of catching costumed superheroes chowing down on cheap ethnic food was missing.  No dialog whatsoever on the reactions of the team to the "delicacy", although nonverbal reactions were reasonably in character (which itself is poor scripting, because . . . shwarma is the only mostly-unknown ethnic food in America that's worse than AMERICAN fast food).

    About the only thing in the entire movie that caught my emotions for so much as two heartbeats was Tasha's comment about the battle with aliens reminding her of Budapest.  The thought of BUDAPEST being ripped up and trampled like that seriously bothered me, even in such an obviously theatrical setting.  New York . . . . after all the movies of its destruction combined with 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers should be used to it by now.  I was almost rooting for the nuke to actually take it out.  But of course, Nick Fury couldn't allow that.  We all know who our Security Forces really take orders from . . . and they all work on Wall Street.

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