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    sometimes Parkinson's, or Parkinson's-like symptoms, can be caused by lyme disease infection (borrelia bacteria). In that case accurate detection and diagnosis, with antibiotic treatment, would help. However testing for this and other tick-borne infections is in a dismal state.

    There is quite a bit of research showing a connection between Parkinson's and pesticides/farm chemicals. A person would be smart to stay away from food that accumulates these (any animal foods) and eat organic as much as possible. Grow some of your own food if you can.

    I agree with you about diet. Very high nutrition intake in the form of natural fruits, vegetables and starches is the best way to help your body cope with disease. Some people advocate juicing for hypernutrition, however for me this is too much daily work. If I were well enough to handle that much work I wouldn't need those nutrients, LOL!

    Where in the Constitution does it say: "...on behalf of corporate interests" ???

    by sillia on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 09:18:45 AM PDT

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      symptoms. But it's unlikely to be important in most cases of the disease. Tony Fink did some work on pesticides and Parkinson's back in the 90s. There is some correlation since pesticides seem to increase oxidative stress and oxidative stress seems to contribute to the disease. Many of the vegetables you're talking about decrease oxidative stress.

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