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  •  Part of that left lane accumulation (1+ / 0-)
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    has to do with lanes added and deleted.
    I can't remember which freeway in LA it is that they carefully added new lanes on the left and deleted them on the right so that people who stay in one lane forever would end up in the center lane after a few exits.
    For a while in the 90s, the LA system installed stop lights on the on ramps to "meter" the traffic entering. It backed up traffic on the surface streets and caused a lot of accidents with slow entering cars suddenly in the way of 75 mph tractor-trailers. I don't know if that's still in place, but way to go CALDOT, defeat the purpose of those long on ramps!
    One of my favorite freeway quirks in LA is the Pasadena freeway entrance from the Harbor. Right after a tunnel just north of the 4-level, a sudden sharp left turn with no margin of error.
    Those really tight entrances and exits are usually on the oldest freeways and in some cases there just isn't a revision that could fix it.
    I was taught that in multi-lane roads, changing lanes was no big deal. Get out of the way of faster people, move over to let people in...Signals are nice, cutting in ahead of someone was fine if you didn't slow them down, particularly if you are going to change out of their lane after the fast car has passed.
    But in the punitive 80s, the three strikes era, lane changing became a profile of a road rager, it was deemed aggressive driving, so some people simply stay in lane at whatever speed they feel OK with and screw everybody else. A Passive Aggressive road rage.
    And let me say this: Road rage does not occur in a vacuum. It takes two to tangle, If you wonder why steam is coming out of my ears it might just be because your last stupid move almost got me killed, you fu(king idiot!

    If I ran this circus, things would be DIFFERENT!

    by CwV on Tue Jun 18, 2013 at 10:16:23 AM PDT

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