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View Diary: Wisconsin and Rachel Maddow. Yes, she's still the best thing going. (61 comments)

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  •  Less than two weeks ago (0+ / 0-)

    she was on with Chris Hayes. She's been his guest many times. She's appeared with Maddow and famously on Chris Matthews, when she trashed the network for firing Donahue.

    Learn to use a search engine. It will save you from making baseless remarks.

    •  I may (0+ / 0-)

      be poor at the search engine usage because when I google MSNBC Rachel Maddow and Cris Hayes,the appearance I cited is the only item that comes up.For you to call my comment 'baseless' because of that is illogical and irrelevant not to mention the fact that you apparently do not want to deal with the essential issue I raise regarding Ms.Maddows comparative value as a journalist.Not to mention-you're rude.

      'The tyranny of the ignoramuses is absolute and inescapable' A.Einstein

      •  Your comment (1+ / 0-)
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        is baseless because it is not supported by evidence that I found in two minutes by using search terms "Amy Goodman" "msnbc" "videos" and the names of various hosts. I responded in a blunt fashion because I perceived your comment to me as rude. I don't like it any more than you do.

        I admire both broadcasters. What's the point of downgrading one to elevate the other? There's room for both of them and in some sense they complement each other. As long as there is a corporate media it's beneficial to have someone as skilled as Maddow appearing on it.

        The irony is that while you find it necessary to cast Maddow as inferior and hopelessly hemmed in by corporate media Goodman herself seems willing to make an appearance there whenever she gets the chance. You might say, of course, why would she turn down an offer to infiltrate. But it's the lowly infotainer Maddow who's inviting her.

        She has chosen a different route than Goodman. They each do good work and that seems like an opportunity for celebration rather than contempt.

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