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  •  When White House comment comes (3+ / 0-)

    I'm guessing that it will refer to the new 'Privacy and Civil Liberties Board' (PCLOB)

    Last week, Obama was touting the actions he's taken to 'start a national conversation'.  These steps are getting some info declassified and getting this Board started.

    This Board, as I see it, is a total sham:

    Members are heavy on DOJ &Cybersecurity, one has US Chamber of Commerce plus DOJ plus clerking for Justice Kennedy.

    this is the groups that Obama will use to 'structure' the 'national conversation'.

    On Tuesday, Obama announced that the PCLOB would be at the heart of his efforts to address the growing scandal over the National Security Agency's surveillance programmes.

    "I'll be meeting with them and what I want to do is to set up and structure a national conversation not only about these two programs but also about the general problem of these big data sets because this is not going to be restricted to government entities," he told Charlie Rose in a TV interview.

    The Chairman was only appointed three weeks ago, and their meeting with Obama Friday afternoon marked the beginning of their official duties.  But don't worry, they won't have a lot of catching up to do before they can begin work.  They've already been briefed:
    Following a meeting with intelligence chiefs on Wednesday, [Chairman] Medine said: "Based on what we've learned so far, further questions are warranted." [...]

    NSA director Keith Alexander implied it understood the need for such programmes. "My deputy met with the board yesterday and actually briefed them for a couple of hours on both programs so that they understood," he told a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on Thursday.

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