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View Diary: Obama was handed to us - time to face facts folks (287 comments)

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  •  newsflash!! Centrist democrat governs as centrist (16+ / 0-)

    I think Obama is actually idealogically somewhat liberal but found it completely unpragmatic (and impossible) to govern that way so has moved somewhat to the right because of the inertia of the last decade.  I have found that disappointing but not surprising--and I wonder how many left-leaning politicians would have been able to play a different game.  

    Toobin (in his latest book on the Supreme Court) talks about Obama's shift from strong gun-control advocate to passive gun-rights supporter (prior to NewTown) because his position was not viable at the national level.  I don't like it--but I think that's the political chart we've chosen for ourselves, unfortunately.

    Despite all this, I think he's been a decent president--certainly not great--but hardly Bush II.

    So no, no conspiracy here.

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