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    It looked so good, and they suddenly just died.
    I thought it was disease maybe but it was two different sets of plants which are about 20feet away.

    I just want to know if that's normal or not!

    "I'm a hopeless're just hopeless." -Bouncing Souls

    by AndrewOG on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 10:05:14 AM PDT

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      estreya, welso, mikidee, AndrewOG, Frankenoid

      I grow foxgloves and they are a biennial or short lived perennial.  Mine usually last 2-5 years and self seed fairly readily.  It's the 'dried out' and suddenly died that surprises me, as I haven't had this happen.  Sometimes they look somewhat dead in spring, but if I leave them, they will quite often recover and send out new growth.  Foxgloves are not particularly prone to disease but they can get a couple of different fungal infections such as Botrytis, Verticillium wilt and Anthranose.  Keeping the area free of debris and avoid getting them too wet might help.

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        Theyre planted in barrels which I can clean out the debris from.
        I actually have not watered them yet as it has been raining a lot this may/june. Maybe it is just a case of too much water.

        "I'm a hopeless're just hopeless." -Bouncing Souls

        by AndrewOG on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 01:28:34 PM PDT

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