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  •  I really need to invest in a good pair of gloves (3+ / 0-)

    Do you remember the Seinfeld episode about "man hands"?  I think i'm approaching man hands, they're so ripped up and calloused from yard work.  I need to remedy that (especially since smooth nail length on my right hand in particular is so important for ukulele playing).

    I think i'm going to experiment with partial shade on the next batch of plugs i plant.  Given the price (free), i'm figuring i can experiment a little ... :)

    •  Partial shade will be fine.... (3+ / 0-)

      But full sun will give you better flowering.

      At least full on morning sun.

      I've been much better at remembering gloves, especially since last year I was doing so much stonework! That will really eat up your hands.

      I have leather (suede) gloves for heavy duty thorny work, but these are awkward for weeding and planting.

      Now my feet... That's a different story! Lol. I always have to scrub them because I wear flip flops in the garden... Then i'll trail through mud and much and puddles...

      I hate wearing shoes in the garden coz i get too hot in them! So I wear flip flops!  And since I don't have to deal with scorpions, red ants, black widow spiders or poisonous snakes like jayden, i can get away with the flip flops. :-)

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