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    PeterHug, RiveroftheWest

    Now that I think about it, it also still happens politically -- Iran has scored a few U.S. drones, presumably by spoofing or overpowering/disabling their navigation systems.

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      was done by transmitting bogus GPS signals at much higher strength than the satellite signal.

      If you can do that and know what you're doing, you should be able to fly the plane regardless of what the remote controller tries to do.

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        To do that, I presume one would have to jam/overpower the "Y" signal entirely. Which wouldn't take much -- GPS signals are below the noise floor, and receivers use "correlation gain" to pick the signal out of the noise.

        Alternatively, there has been work on security issues in GPS receivers -- there are a number of parameters in the transmitted satellite data, researchers recently found that putting "bad" values into some of them will crash (and sometimes "brick") a wide variety of GPS receivers.

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