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  •  Distinguish between activism and work (4+ / 0-)

    Wikipedia is the best line-straddler of all time. People there do make money, but none of the ones who make money are much when it comes to the "between the covers" of the site. The people who speak most loudly of themselves are also generally the least contributory (how much time one spends talking about others and oneself is time one does not spend writing). Nevertheless, that is an activist site going against its founder's ideology. He was and is a Randian. It doesn't matter, because the project is more aligned with Port Huron than Bildursburgers.

    Here, there is activism. Although diarists are increasingly talking about how little diaries are dealing with being active or putting pressure on what is purportedly our party to have it reflect our values, people volunteer in politics.

    On the other hand, consumers are addicted to free, and that's no lie. When Salon was still Salon, and before it became fifteen Tracy Clark-Flory pieces in a row, I paid for it. Slate has an underwriter. Journalism might have to cost $0.25 a day. Given the wonderful research we get, the journalistic side of things should pay.

    Yes, though, the internship is a scam. Then again, I remember the first time beer and shoe companies tried to give away t-shirts with their brand names on them, and college students said, "I'm not going to be an advertisement for your stupid product! Pay me." Now, of course, the shirt with the logo costs extra.

    Everyone's innocent of some crime.

    by The Geogre on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 10:25:07 AM PDT

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