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  •  That's not really true. (1+ / 0-)
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    tung sol
    For most people it LOWERS BP not raises it.
    There's absolutely a dose dependent transient BP spike associated with cannabis intake.

    A lot of folks find that regular use is associated with a long-term decrease in average BP, but clinical data's still out.

    So, there's solid data saying it raises BP, at least transiently, and anecdote saying that it lowers BP, maybe, over time.

    Should point out that yer Gram's case would have been alleviated under medicalized marijuana, w/o legalized marijuana. Medicalized pot is no more "legal" than medicalized Oxycodone- they're legal for certain specific persona w/ illnesses, not for the general population.

    So I'm not sure that example works the way you meant it too.

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