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View Diary: Glenn Greenwald's Caricature of the Liberal Hypocrite (56 comments)

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  •  I don't thinkl he is (8+ / 0-)

    talking about anyone except the die hard Obama loyalists who view him GG as the anti-Obama satanic destroyer of their leader. Maybe he should ignore them but lets face it, just read the venom that gets spewed on this site, in his direction. Sounds like RW bs. Today I read he's another Glenn Beck or James O'Keefe. I think that we need more Glenn Greenwalds, Jesselyn Radicks, Chris Hedges and other 'extremists' who are willing to take on these dead enders posing as Democrat's. These loyalists care nothing about democratic principles, inequity, the law or even the Democratic party.

    Let somebody else figure out how to pull their hypocritical delusional heads out of the sand diplomatically. Meanwhile lets just hope that the truth tellers don't allow the authoritarian Democratic partisans or the freaking security state spooks to shut them up. I am feeling really sick and disgusted about what is being spewed by some of the good Democrat's here regarding the destruction of our Bill of Rights and the creeping acceptance of what the ACLU called 'unconstitutional and beyond Orwellian'.

    Why coddle these people they are dangerous to both our party and any chance we have of restoring our democratic laws or principles. One person today told me that any progressive who hurts Obama should be ostracized. Now that's some sick authoritarian shit. Why shouldn't Glenn Greenwald or anyone else stand up to the must protect Obama at all cost's crowd. Oh yeah I forgot the Republicans are evil and terrist's are gonna kill my family and GG is the Paulite libertarian  anti-Messiah.    

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