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  •  I spoke with my American Legion Rep (1+ / 0-)
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    He said no news.  Even though the White House got involved, I learned only one thing.  I am 6,000 in a backlog with no idea as to when that (I of 2) will be decided.

    Never ends.

    Still having intermittent serious health issues.  Workups in process.  Now, my partner and housemate has been in intensive care at TGH for over two weeks.  Interstitial Lung disease.  Very serious.  He is overwhelmed.  I am cancelling my own appointments to keep the house together and visit him as his only sibling is older and in Washington D.C.

    Life never ceases to shock and wear us down.  I am overwhelmed too.  My care at the VA is so uncoordinated and scattered and intense, then it slows way down.  My god, this is a mess.

    I am not hopeless though.

    You are a gem.  A wonderful human being.

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