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  •  What If ..... (10+ / 0-)

    The radio station had Fox News type of coverage:

    It changed us from ignorant country bumpkins to, well, informed country bumpkins.  It gave us new ideas and new ways of thinking.
    With a Fox News' type of coverage, I think we would have been screwed.

    Your mentioning:

    My childhood dream was getting my hands on one of those gold seals off an Ovaltine container (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) so I could send it in and get the device that decoded the secret messages the announcer read at the end of the program. All numbers.
    Reminded me of the movie (I think,  A Christmas Story) where Ralphie decodes a similar message and finds out that it was a commercial for the product.

    Tnx for the diary.

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