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View Diary: About DSAC and the "Fusion Centers" they co-ordinate, Under Surveillance, with Liberty and ... (13 comments)

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  •  Thanks for reply, jamess (1+ / 0-)
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    Will you PROMISE  me that if you use a parody/snark ie joke or non-substantive source in the future, you will MARK IT CLEARLY so others will know?  Others, beside me, used it and re-posted it as real.

    If you will promise me that in future you will put a big NOTICE/WARNING/DISCLAIMER at the TOP of such a diary (since snark tags at the bottom can be missed), I'll take a chance on you again.

    You've always been such a reliable source of good info, jamess.  I guess that's one reason that people fell for that diary.  (and it was so very professional-looking.)

    If you SHARE a joke with us, we'll enjoy it and pass it on.  If you PLAY a joke on us, well . . .. different outcome.

    I trust your good nature, jamess.  Just please make me a promise.

    •  I'll do my best (1+ / 0-)
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      to avoid this mistake.

      and make parodies and snarks clear.

      •  Gosh, jamess (1+ / 0-)
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        It would have been so easy to say 'I promise I won't post real-looking fake sites with clearly labeling them again' or something like that.

        But to say:  'I'll do my best to avoid this mistake.'?

        I'm not saying this in anger, jamess, but with real regret:  I wouldn't be able to accept that from a 9-year-old.

        Sorry to lose you as a potential source, jamess.

        •  It's (0+ / 0-)

          hard to tell sometimes when something I write is snark or not:

          you might think it snark,

          I might think it the truth.  

          So it can be tough call sometimes.  As with my last post.

          Sorry to lose your trust CroneWit, I've enjoyed your comments and wit.

          BTW "promises" are only something I make to family and loved ones.

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