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  •  Both fundamenatalist Christians (2+ / 0-)
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    Velvele, wilderness voice

    and liberal Christians cherry pick this book to death. This diary is another example of it.  If you truly read the whole of the OT and NT you see a god who has no problem with causing the deaths of millions, including fetuses and infants and little children. So to say that this god would be appalled at any acts that humans are capable of is just silly. Most humans are more moral than that god.  The character of Jesus said both nice things and terrible things. He was portrayed as both kind and very harsh. This character believed in the concept of hell and didn't hestitate to threaten people with eternal damnation. I find his adherence to this concept totally immoral. And he definitely made it clear in his words and actions that he was only interested in addressing the Jews, and was distainful of people who believed in other gods (pagans etc.). He even said he came with a sword to divide families from each other.

    What I find amusing is that this diarist condemns the harshness of the GOP attitudes towards helping the poor and then follows up with throwing the "judgement day" threat at them.  I suppose at the very least, that is consistent with these scriptures.

    I look forward to the possible day when these texts are viewed as nothing more than conflicting mythologies and put on the shelf with the other major mythological works of the past. They certainly should not be used as a guide for morality discussions in 2013.

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