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  •  I'm conflicted... (2+ / 0-)
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    OleHippieChick, Dragon5616

    I think this post is mostly excellent and on-the-mark as usual. However, I'm also left scratching my head and trying to fund resolution.

    You write:

    We all strive to process the world in a way that eases the level of difficulty. Some things we don't want to be bothered with. A person who desperately needs one thing often has little time for other things. We see what we want to see. We pave the way ahead with delusions, both self and other-selected. Striving to make simple the horribly complicated is a perfectly natural drive. It's how we manage. The problem comes when we confuse our simplified short-hand version of reality for reality itself. The practice of Zen is all about this problematic duality.
    Fair enough. But then in your tip jar, you comment:
    And remember boys and girls, when it comes to whistleblowers, it's not about the revealers, it's about that which has been revealed. Attacking the messenger remains as common and nonsensical as it ever was.
    I think those labeling Snowden as a "traitor" are guilty of the former. But I think you are as well. The more well-reasoned less hyperbolic criticisms I've read of Snowden have to do with his giving the moral high ground to China, and now seemingly Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela - each of which has its own checkered record on human rights and civil liberties. That, and the revelations pertaining to hacking not being liberties-related, but rather exposing our tactics in a global game of "Risk" of which all of our "friends" and "enemies" (along with individual citizens and cross-border collectives) are also participants.

    Not defending the domestic spying or the hacking as either good policy or ethical tactics, just pointing out that unvarnished support for Snowden does seem to come with a healthy dose of "striving to make simple the horribly complicated."



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