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  •  Only by end-to-end rule of law can citizens... (6+ / 0-)

    ...presume to have liberty. In all of the limitations of the law it's the bar.

    It's not up to us to bother debunking "interviews" or even Congressional testimony or act according to them. What the President says or doesn't say is not important.

    If acts or "potential" acts were thwarted then the law was broken so if people planned acts of terrorism they should have been tried, convicted, a record of the evidence would be public . Citizens could have not only some degree of confidence in the process of justice, however broken that is, but also that part of government at least.

    When/where this process is curtailed, militarized, avoided or secret there is the effective absence of the rule of law and this practice is fundamental to the dysfunction of the US gov't today. People are not held accountable. Not unless they steal a DVD or sell some drugs at least.

    If Congress can't be trusted to budget for next quarter, in fact for  last quarter and for funds already legislated and spent, then why would Americans trust them in every other more complex, more controversial duties. And Presidents can't nor should be trusted.

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