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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: John Lewis calls out Supreme Court justices on Voting Rights Act ruling (100 comments)

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  •  Somebody explain this to me (10+ / 0-)

    Wendy follows all the rules, doesn't sit, lean, eat, drink or even fucking PEE for 13 hours and the fucking R's break the rules by voting after MIDNIGHT?


    Ok, gonna take a nice long walk on a dark country road and cool down for a bit. But I know that was all recorded.


    Oh, I used to be disgusted
    Now I try to be amused
    ~~ Elvis Costello

    by smileycreek on Tue Jun 25, 2013 at 10:21:07 PM PDT

    •  Wendy Davis abortion filibuster ends in chaos (7+ / 0-)

      The Guardian 2 hours ago

      Texas senator succeeds in delaying vote on anti-abortion bill until midnight deadline but Republicans vote it through anyway
      To be successful in her filibuster Davis had intended to speak for 13 straight hours, without taking a bathroom break, sitting or even leaning against her desk, until midnight when the bill would expire. She refused to yield for questions.
      - emphasis added
      State Senator Wendy Davis and Dems beat the republicans.
      Davis is a rising Democratic senator. The Associated Press reported that Democrats chose Davis to lead the charge against Bill 5 due to her background as a woman who had her first child at 19 and went on to graduate from Harvard Law School.

      Her marathon speech, which began at 11.18am local time, came to an end at 10.03pm when the last of three points of order were sustained against her.

      A rush of procedural motions and inquiries by Democrat senators delayed the final voteon the bill. Van de Putte asked for a summary of previous points of order, saying she had been away from the senate attending her father's funeral.

      The leader of the Democrats in the senate, Kirk Watson, began what amounted to his own filibuster.

      With less than 15 minutes to go until midnight Van de Putte asked what a female member of the senate had to do to be heard over her male colleagues. She believed she had raised a motion earlier but was not heard.

      It was at this point the crowded public gallery began chanting and cheering. A vote was called on the SB5 bill but the noise was at such a level that voting was suspended until order was restored.

      The gallery appeared to take this as an invitation to ramp up their noise for the remaining 15 minutes, with encouragement from Democrats on the floor. The session ended in chaos and confusion, and without the vote being completed by midnight.

      There were reports some senators did not even know what they voted on.

      For over 30 minutes senators milled around the floor and protesters shouted from the gallery, before troopers moved in, arresting at least one protester.

      So the republicans broke the rules - we must focus out efforts & $$ at state level elections more than than ever imo

      ianal but there must be some legal remedy (?)

      Thx for the heads up smileycreek

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