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  •  Technical paper here (3+ / 0-)
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    Wiki discussion here

    It has been theorized that a self-replicating starship utilizing relatively conventional theoretical methods of interstellar travel (i.e., no exotic faster-than-light propulsion such as "warp drive", and speeds limited to an "average cruising speed" of 0.1c.) could spread throughout a galaxy the size of the Milky Way in as little as half a million years.[2]
    The figure I remembered was six million, this says as little as 500,000 years.


    I refuse to believe corporations are people until Texas executes one.

    by Athenian on Sun Jul 14, 2013 at 07:04:16 AM PDT

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    •  There was but it was too small to see (3+ / 0-)

      Life on other planets may be so small we didn't notice the probe.  Remember the old story of the man who noticed a tiny flying saucer the size of a hummingbird land in his back yard.  Tiny small men got out and was looking under rocks and leaves and such.  The man said - "Hey - what yall looking for?"  And one replied "little bitty women" and then they flew off.

      That's what I heard - might not be true.

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