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View Diary: More Republican demographic death spiral: 'No religion' a plurality among Americans 18-30 (145 comments)

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    Dragon5616, Fishtroller01

    Bet a lot of the "other" were Unitarians. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a great group of very liberal, kind hearted people. They do object to the day of prayer but usually support Obama.

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      Dragon5616, Bronx59

      Unitarians are a tiny group, though as someone who spent a lot of time in New England, I know a lot of them. "Other" is likely mostly made up of Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims.

      •  Thomas Jefferson predicted in a private letter (2+ / 0-)
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        Bronx59, mudfud27

        that as the country grew more educated and enlightened that all religious people would become unitarians and leave behind the superstitions of the trinity, miracles, etc. etc.   Boy, he sure missed the mark on that one.  I think if he and Madison were here today, they would agree they should have made that wall of separation WAY higher!

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