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View Diary: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (Voting Rights Edition) (41 comments)

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    The cognitive ability to discern long-term consequences, for one?

    As far as the actual reason that voting tests are "undemocratic", here's the reason: true democracy is built upon the concept of one man/one vote. Not "one man I think is smart enough". Not "one man who can clear a hurdle I think he should clear." But one man, one vote.

    My argument for allowing illiterate people to vote is my relatives over the age of 80 who were raised in dirt-poor families busy sharecropping and if they were lucky got 6 years of schooling before they had to quit, who demonstrate a lot more sense about politics and rights than you have in these posts and who have voted in every election since voting suppression methods were finally torqued by the VRA in 1965.  I'd take their form of "intelligence" over yours. Any day.

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