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View Diary: Watch Julian Assange Vaporize TIME's Credibility in ABC - Stephanopoulos 'Grilling' - LOL! (199 comments)

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  •  Spot on comment, niemann (3+ / 0-)
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    bad enough our government shits on our 4th, but to contract it out to a company that charges billions is another thing.
    Judt like when the militsry, who had been taking care of their needs forever suddenly finds that they are being contracted out then subcontracted again to people who are not qualified.
    Shitty meals.
    Electrocutions while taking a shower.
    Imagine how the survivors feel.
    " how did ..... die?
    He was eletrocuted or died because he got a quart of water a day when it was over 110 degrees".

    Gitmo is a Concentration Camp. Not a Detention Center. Torture happens at Concentration Camps. Torture happens at Gitmo. How much further will US values fall? Where is YOUR outrage at what the United States does in OUR names?

    by snoopydawg on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 11:22:43 PM PDT

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